Why Entovie

Beyond simple service delivery, Entovie focuses on your success.

Entovie is only successful when our clients are successful. With this in mind, we’ve developed a truly unique approach to working with clients through a best practice engagement model focused upon the concept of client success

This means :

Assigned resources

Explicit expectation setting

Clear measures of success

Outcomes that are continuously measured and monitored

At Entovie, your success matters. That’s why we’ve developed a standardized process framework that guides our operational model and provides continued partnership with our customers; before, during and after implementation. As an Entovie client, you are assigned a Happy Client Manager (HCM) for the life of our partnership. All HCMs are former HR, learning and talent management practitioners themselves. As your point of contact and continuity with Entovie, no one understands how to drive the success of your HR initiatives better than former HR practitioners. And they are not there to sell you anything – the HCM’s sole mission is your success.

Entovie understands that a “one-size-fits-all” mentality to HR Management simply doesn’t work. That’s why every solution provided by Entovie is customized to meet the specific needs of your organization’s business strategy- allowing you to match our HR solutions with your specific business processes and workflows. Let’s uncomplicate.

HR Administration, Onboarding, Payroll, Taxes, Benefits, Learning. They're all part of managing people, so why go to multiple partners? From basic payroll to Human Resource Function Management, Entovie’s comprehensive HR solutions take your employees from hire to retire, helping you keep things simple, accessible and easy to manage.


Dean Mark

MBTI Certified Practitioner
Certified NLP Coach Practitioner
DiSC Certified Trainer

An outcome focused Individual with over 20 years of proven track record across various organisations, have trained on Process, Compliance, Product, Quality, Soft skills & Behavior based deliveries.

Experience spans across various delivery models & industries, including but not limited to GE Capital International Services, Sujana Group of Industries, ACT Fibernet (Beam Telecom), United Solutions Group – USA, Oghma Design, Dukes.

Have coached people to achieve Personal Success while dealing with transitions in Academics & Careers across levels including

: Young people struggling with the career choices and dealing with transition to the corporate bandwagon.

: Managers who wish to improve their skills to be better leaders and achieve greater heights and create great teams.

: Professionals and Entrepreneurs seeking success in managing relationships personal/ professional and striking the right work-life balance leading to their personal success


Entovie, the name, is derived from Greek and Latin words, Entos and Vie, which mean ‘from within’ and ‘Strength’. An organization built on strong ethics and values, Entovie stands true to the meaning of its name “Strength from within”.

Entovie operates through collaborations with various professionals and firms from around the world to offer a range of businesses services on technology, business process outsourcing, and human resource management to small, medium and large size enterprises.

At the heart of what we do is our deep interest in the success of our clients. We stand by our philosophy of building partnerships that enable. We are a diverse multi-skilled, multi-disciplined firm, offering clients a wide range of industry-focused business solutions. We harness potential from around to globe and create powerful business solutions that give our clients the edge that enables them to take their business to the next level.

Training Programs

Entovie identifies a training need based on your inputs & delivers an experiential learning program on. All these trainings are dealt with individually and involve strategic learning tools to sharpen your skills.

Staffing Solutions

Entovie Staffing is the workforce solutions flagship of Entovie Business Solutions private limited.

Our core competencies include Executive Search, direct workforce recruitment solutions, Project based recruitment solutions and interim HR management. As your partner, Entovie Staffing provides resources and creative solutions to support your recruitment needs ranging from one-off hiring to complex, multi-tiered hiring requirements. Our creative approach to standard service offerings sets Entovie staffing apart and allows us to constantly find new and experienced talent.

At Entovie, we emphasize on :

Quality : Entovie seeks to fully understand the clients perception of quality and continually strives to exceed expectations.

Integrity & Ethics: Entovie staffing has a zero tolerance policy towards unethical business practices and will protect its own and its client’s integrity at all times.

Best Value : Entovie commits to provide the best client focused HR solutions at the best rates.

Superior Customer Service : Above all, Entovie staffing is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. We listen to our clients, customize solutions and deliver superior service on a daily basis.

Learning Solutions

Our learning solutions add value to businesses by matching specific leadership skills and traits to the context at hand; embedding leadership development in real work. Entovie is dedicated to developing leadership excellence.

Great leaders spark movements. They inspire people. They instill passion. They excite others in unimaginable ways. Its not what they do that inspires everyone around them. Its how they do it. Clearly then, great leadership is as much about leading people as it is about cultivated behaviours. These are skills one acquires and hones over time – Learning to lead is an intensely personal learning experience that is as enriching as it is evolving. At Entovie, we know this. We believe that there needn’t be an ideal mould for leadership

We are instead guided by the principle that any configuration of traits and competencies may be deployed as ‘leadership’ so long as the individual learns to observe, manage and master the processes of awareness, decision-making and action. There exists a leader in every role one plays at work as well as in their personal lives.

We are inspired by the power of continuous learning and initiative. Our approach to learning draws heavily on principles of transformational leadership and is centered on the value we place on human potential. We value partnerships and believe in providing practical approaches and ideas that affect positive change and make it a constant part of business, and indeed, life

Our Methodology

Learning Methodology:

We just don’t provide trainings, which involve communication or soft skills basics. We identify most common issues that are restricting productivity, with the endeavour to help people develop their capacities in Thinking, Emotions, Self Regulation, Physical, Interpersonal, Spiritual and Moral domains to create Holistic Minds.

  • Prepare the right people to get the extra-ordinary done
  • Empower people to overcome failure
  • Improve emotional intelligence (Mental toughness)
  • Preparedness & Confidence
  • Use Neuro-linguistic programming as a methodology

Staffing Methodology:

Our methodology for securing suitable professionals from the external market is not limited to talent that is actively looking to change jobs, but also includes suitable professionals who would need to be headhunted for a potential career change.

  • Job description creation and or refinement
  • Recruitment marketing through tactical position sourcing strategies
  • Resume screening and tracking
  • Interviewing the candidate in entirety (technically, behaviourally and culturally)
  • Assessment administration
  • Interview coordination
  • Offer management
  • On-boarding

Our Methodology


Team Team


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